Our business 【私たちのビジネス】

Bringing great overseas products to Japan


There are as many wonderful products overseas that have not been released in Japan as the number of stars.
We embark on the enterprise based on our philosophy of finding wonderful products like a treasure hunt and bringing them to people in Japan.



Utilization of crowdfunding 【クラウドファンディングの活用】

Selling wonderful overseas products on Japan's largest crowdfunding platform "MAKUAKE"


Our sales strategy is introducing great overseas products to Japan through crowdfunding and sell them to major mass retailers.


Expansion of sales channels in Japan 【日本での販路の拡大】

Our team has connections with many Japanese mass retailers, so we can expand sales by contracting with many mass retailers.
We contribute to society so that overseas manufacturers, customers, and us can all become win-win.



Selling on major EC sites 【大手ECサイトでの販売】

We expand the sales volume by selling on major EC sites such as Amazon and Rakuten.


Amazon Japanや楽天市場などの大手ECサイトに販売することで販売量を拡大していきます。


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